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No Time To Tarry

by The Bright Wings Chorus

Vermillion 00:00 / 02:28
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released April 4, 2018

all songs composed by Brendan Taaffe except Ten Thousand Charms by Hal Kunkel

Style Shoulder Lws00470 5x4x27cm Celeb purple Cross Ladies LWS00470 Bags Women's Messenger Bag Handbag 24 Body LeahWard
tracked, mixed, and mastered by Colin McCaffrey
cover image by Maria Day ( Women Women Laura Vita Women Laura Vita Laura Vita 8ndd0Zq)
design by Zara Bode


all rights reserved



Brendan Taaffe Brattleboro, Vermont

The New Line, led by front-man Brendan Taaffe on mbira, brings together African rhythms with Appalachian ballads to create a...  more

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Track Name: Vermillion
Our cheerful voices let us raise
And sing a parting song
My friends I'm with you here today
But cannot tarry long
Track Name: Syria
Hungry and faint and poor
O behold us, Lord, again
Assembled at thy mercy's door
Thy bounty for to gain
Track Name: Glencolmcille
I dwell in darkness and unseen
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My thoughts in musing silence trace
The ancient wonders of thy grace

For thee I thirst, I pray, I mourn
When will thy smiling face return?
Shall all my joys on Earth remove,
and God forever hide his love?

In thee I trust, to thee I sigh
And lift my heavy soul on high
For thee sit waiting all the day
and wear the tiresome hours away
Track Name: I Cross Til I Am Weary
I cross 'til I am weary a mountain in my mind
More mountains, yes, more mountains
And then a desert find

I have born a thousand burdens, I guard the night, I praise the day
But every seed that I have planted, the wind has blown away

And when the sea stops raging, I raise my eyes, I ask for grace.
But every step that I have taken, the waves they do erase.
Track Name: My Heart Will Bow
And then my heart will bow, when dew is dropping sleep
Until God burn time before the unlaboring stars and you

And then my soul shall rest while darkness round me mourns
And even time shall fade before the unlaboring stars and you
Track Name: Heartland
The voice of my beloved sounds over the rocks and rising grounds
O'er hills of guilt and seas of grief, he leaps, he flies to my relief

The bleak midwinter now is gone. The mists are fled and spring comes on.
The sacred turtle dove we hear proclaim the new, the joyful year

The immortal vine of heavenly root blossoms and buds and gives her fruit
Lo, we are come to taste the wine, our souls rejoice and bless the vine.
Track Name: Joy Will Bring Me To Your Arms
Now is the time of love, now the bells shall ring
The lark, the land, the turtle dove lift every voice and sing.
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Joy will bring me to your arms. I'll fly on the wings of grace. I'll fly on grace
This love that's lodged within my heart I never shall erase.

This seed we plant in tender earth and tend it in the morn.
We leap, we sing, we flower forth: our child now is born!
Track Name: Holman
Death cannot make our souls afraid if God be with us there.
We shall walk through her darkest shade and never yield to fear.

I could renounce my all, my soul, of every fear be rid.
And run if I were called to go and die as Moses did.

When I shall climb to Pisgah's top and view the promised land
Grief and pain and our tears shall stop as in God's palm we stand.
Track Name: Aleppo
Why have you abandoned us here on the shore,
While storm clouds gather and roar?
To the world we are objects of anger and wrath,
To the Lord beloved no more.
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Our homes were destroyed like a castle of sand,
So with thousands and thousands we flee.
Our lives we place in thy merciful hand
To face darkness and storms on the sea.
Track Name: Bamidon
Come my beloved, haste away. Cut short the hours of thy delay.
Fly like a youthful hart or roe, over the fields where spices grow.

Stronger than death thy love is known, which floods of wrath could never drown.
Earth and hell in vain combine to quench a fire so much divine.

O let thy name engraven stand, both on my heart and on my hand
Seal me upon thine arm and wear that pledge of love forever there.
Track Name: Like Stars Our Bones Shall Fly
Like stars whose dust has shaped our bones, our every light shall fly
No more shall we indulge our fears, our songs shall mount the sky.
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